Parallels 7 Sells Chameleon To Run Mac OS X!

Posted by Cartri on Sep 1, 2011 in Copyright, DRM, Fast News / ReTweets, Ideology |


Today, September 1th, Netkas – The hacker behind the SMC Emulator that allows normal people to run Mac OS X encrypted parts in non-Apple systems – denounced the unaware use of Chameleon (Which is under General Public License) in the new version of Parallels Desktop.

According to Netkas, the software is opensource and should not be included in the famous PAID virtualization software without permission, having the License of the bootloader been disrespected, since Parallels has a closed license.


In a fast blog-post, Netkas asks for the sourcecode of Parallels as determined by GNU/GPL, the future of a possible lawsuit or use negotiation now falls in the hand of the Voodoo Team, project mantainer.


PS: Why is Parallels following me (@cartrinet) and other boot-related hackintoshers on twitter?!

UPDATE: Please Check Parallels’Public Statement on this post’s replies, new post about the releasing sources with Parallels’ answers soon (2AM here ;-) )


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