ASEAN 3rd Economy Moves Into “ACTA Clone Laws”

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With the possible step-back from the USA Presidency in signing ACTA after it’s sequential leaks, and the #FAIL to create clone-laws in USAN (UNASUR/UNASUL/Union of South American Nations) members through Brazilian Congress (proposed here by the Peculation and Money Laundering defendant against the Brazilian Supreme Court – Senator Eduardo Azeredo PSDB/MG),  new clone laws regarding IT Information Control continues to propagate over the World, aiming mostly at other Trade Unions: This time the victim was ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) 3rd Biggest Economy: Malaysia.

Known in Brazil as “Digital IA-5″ (AI-5 Digital -  a reference to the 5th “Institutional Act” from the Brazilian Military Dictatorship of 1968 which decreed prior-censorship to cinema, theater, music and press) or  as “KGB 2.0″ in many other Countries, “ACTA Clone-Laws” normally aims on forbidding p2p technologies in signatory countries, and passing to Internet Service Providers the responsibility of monitoring people’s access to the Internet – bankrupting small-business ISPs and scaring Internet users with penalties going from disconnection (yeah, you may become forbidden of accessing Internet, it’s not a joke) to prison (again, it’s not a joke!) depending on each Country.

Malaysia’s ISP Liability Act passes to the ISPs the Powers and DUTIES of “Internet policemen”, obligating any existing or new business in this area to create and maintain a full policing of what people are doing, forbidding them to break DRM – Yes, this goes directly in the interests of Apple Inc in its operating system to restrict any Realtek audio chips withouth DRM Capabilities (any but ALC885 and ALC292) from using any audio-subscripted service (or even loading). It also disables us from using the Open Cloud Networks possibility, as it has no ISP.


In Brazil, the equivalent clone-law was promoted by an oppositional Senator and after being quietly approved in Senate, stopped by the common people in congress, with a 100.000+ signatures public petition quickly spread by activist blogs and e-mail chains. Still frozen, the bill is now in the hands of our federal congress which was forced to listen the Civilian Society, quickly organized into the “Internet Civilian Mark” to oppose to such law and self-regulate the Internet by organized civilian society.

Here it was being advertised by the supra-mentioned Senator as the solution against children pornography on Brazilian Internet. The government luckily was with the people and quickly enough made it pass another law fulfilling any issues on children pornography on Brazilian Internet. Without its main “propaganda”, the law became senseless and we are now closer to a civilian Internet users and technicians then to International copyrights lobby.

Here I leave my sincere condolences to Malaysian and ASEAN People, and I hope to better explain the rotten underground of this International lobby which includes Apple Inc, iTunes Store, Pixar, Universal, RIAA, FIAA and other international organisms pressure over national legislations.

Last week, during the 1st Presidential Official Interview for Activist Bloggers, Brazilian president reiterated that if such law were approved by the congress he will veto it. “The damages to open-source distribution are uncountable, if that comes up again, it will be vetoed”.

My tip from our experience to Malasya: “Não fique aí parado! Estás sendo enganado!” ORGANIZE your people, get signatures, find good-hearted lawyers and use your constitution methods to take this down, don’t let the “Decade Virus” disguises itself as anything: protest, protest and protest! (SEE UPDATE, Sorry). If your “revision” of the law lets you do so, SHARE YOUR WIFI and demand everyone-else to do so until the signal cross the borderlines of your country! Invent!

I would highly recommend any interested civilian of ASEAN Country Members to organize: the same people signing these laws needs your votes. Here we are a 200 million people country – descendant of Portuguese, with a AMAZONIA in between us, with a legacy of 20 years of censorship and 12 years of neo-liberals subservience to any International influence – and even then we could get organized, Start e-mail chains, aggregate syndicates (if you have such, if you don’t have em and your law permit you to create em do it as soon as possible) create a National IT Workers Order, get influent!

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If you are not from Malaysia, and are asking yourself what all this is doing in a Brazilian international activist blog, I will post  more about ACTA latest leaks soon: this is happening closer to you then you imagine.

Aos irmãos lusos: “descendentes de Portugueses” foi uma mera piada ao estilo Saramago “Jangada de Pedras”. Um de meus avôs era Português, vivi na Cidade do Porto em minha infância, e posso lhes dizer: de vós guardo apenas boas lembranças, o inegualável exemplo dos Cravos, o bom vinho… e saudades! Não me levem a mal ;-)

“Canta a Primavera, pá. Cá estou carente… Manda novamente algum cheirinho de alecrim”


I feel a little dumb on what I said “protest protest and protest”. I just discovered that, according to Wikipedia: “Continuam a existir restrições às liberdades individuais como a proibição de discussão em público.” ( “Public Discussion is forbidden in Malaysia”). As so i wish to let clear that nor I, myself, nor this site supports any kind of International Interference on each country own law, respecting each people’s own cultural rules – besides of any personal opinion i could have. Sorry for that, What I mean is: do what you need to do INSIDE your own legislation to get rid of the copyright international lobby.

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