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GENI E O ZEPELIM – CHICO BUARQUE DE HOLLANDA – ENGLISH LYRICS. (Bad words in the final strophes, beware)


In order to reply some questions and better explain what i mean with “closing” the mac edition bios project, I decided to make this post on the subject.

Firstly I have to say that I appreciated very much everybody’s mature reaction to the announce – as you probably could see as I tried to answer up to where I could and so on.

This project was planned as a way to react against Apple Inc’s restriction attitudes, like not letting you choose your own technician and your own hardware piece to insert into your own machine, or – lately – even what software you can or not run on your own hardware. That was not because we dislike Apple products, but because we believe in freedom of choice over information.

Software/data is information, “Information Technology” term speaks by itself: “the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications”.

At first, many people (as I was using a new nickname even people with whom I keep a – now a little more distant – contact) gone against the idea, with many arguments: that it was a step behind as acpi replacement could already be done by software without risking the motherboard, that donation based initiatives was wrong, etc etc…

No one was wondering “what for…”.

As I said before, and this is only my opinion, i see no difference in hacking just for hack or playing Tetris… Nothing wrong with any of both, don’t misunderstand-me: I have nothing against that, it just lacks ideals, as many things nowadays. But in this case it all sits over a subject of great importance to our construction as societies: precedences.

Once a precedent is opened, be it in any direction or by any cause, we leave space for the use & abuse of them (as we can see, now we need to jailbreak android and even windows ce… poor Palm).

When the APT(-get) became “appstore” some people were just discontent with their devices’ limitations and made justice with their own hands, jailbreaking their devices to just run what they wanted on it.

Then a real “scene” started: at one “side” people who likes “sides and scenes” like that “wannabe-on-TV” boy and some other pseudo big names (and mine is not bigger then their) twitting things like “yes i’d love to be hired by Apple” (or being actually by Goo…) and in the other, people like Saurik and comex, who were against what was happening and were quietly working on what they could to stop the “jail” of information in disagreement.

As the Inc. did not want the blood in their hands, and this politically usable (since Robespierre times) word “terrorist” was last fashion in politics, the company sent to US administration a document in which they defined “jailbreaking” as “terrorism”.

Newly elected US administration, while still with its popularity in hands, acted quickly in a surprising move: not only trashed such arguments, as fast-forwarded public services to define Jailbreak as Fair Use, modifying  the DRM laws to add specifically this exception.

That was an Answer.

Unfortunately, situation could not let them go deeper in this case as they did with Micro$oft back in the 90′s… I am not judging if that was “good” or “bad”, just citing an example of to what extent can the Copyright lobby go: comparing someone who did buy a device and later modified it with a terrorist.

Here where I live, this word was so extensively and irresponsibly used in the 70′s (the “Age of Lead” of brazilian military dictatorship) that it lost it’s sense, even the Country’s new actual elected president who will take charge in January was considered “Terrorist” at that time, so were singers, compositors, thinkers, artists and, well, even SOPHOCLES(!!!), while those who did practice torture in the big business behalf were just “making justice” or in their Orwellian words: “educating”.

I am taking no partidary side on saying that, as I see any political use of this anachronism (“terror” – which is a part of a vilification political campaign inside the French Revolution times – serving as basis for even worse later tyrannies establishing themselves at the time), be it for the called “left” or “right” (what is another anachronism proceeding from the same era) as a lack of focus – very dangerous under our nowadays very better established (and disguised as free) jailed Occident.

My (pre)occupation is with my work field: I.T.

Last stick of Liberty for many, a business for some, or a senseless playground for many others, Technology have been under control (and having this control broken) many times: Tertiary system of plantation (held in secrecy by Western Papacy in Middle Ages), Feudalism, Guilds, Mercantilism,  Employers’-Syndicates, Industrial copyright holding personal ideas, hackintoshes, jailbreaks-needing… and the wheel keeps spinning.

Why Am I CLOSING (not finishing) The Project

Since this have became famous, i had great and bad situations. I don’t know if “who was there” got my first reaction to when this became news: something like “Run for you lives!”. I could predict what was to come, from good people having their machines running better to the point when hackintosh sellers would establish entire business on relabeled BIOS files from this, and even “who was not there” seen many people warning me about that.

Many misunderstandings came from this point and on: criticism gone up and forward as the project grew,  mostly 2 groups: 1 – the old hackers who did think that analyzing OSX86 as part of a natural social reaction to corporative information lockdown was out of scope and could cause harm to it, and, worse, 2- hackintosh sellers who suddenly felt that their business should be  growing and I was not attending their expectations in time.

So people started coming to my blog with complaints. Some were hunting for Gigabyte boards just to flash a bios within it, others were hunting for dozens of it in order to re-sell them in bigger price after flashing it with a incomplete and buggy work in progress that was pre-released for testing purposes.

Some saying that I was just blogging too much, and, instead, I should be working more to attend to their anxiety (Go with him, go, Geni!), and some as if by disagreeing with their view I was just being morose for thinking by myself and trying to raise a debate on the subject as a whole situation instead of creating a small BIOS farm to fix actuality instead of the precedent which allows the future:

“HELP! HELP! I AM BEING REPRESSED!” – Monty Python and The Holy Grail. (A little of self criticism)

Some others lacked arguments to the point of coming here to correct my badly written English, as if what mattered was how and not what was being told, and as if speaking in other people’s language was not a kindness of mine, but a obligation: I was not enough colonized:

“ROMANES, GO HOME” – MONTY PYTHON – The Life of Brian.

If someone did not understand the meaning of this blog, I can’t blame this one, I can only think that maybe I was not clear enough – anyway, I am not even expressing myself in my own language, as so it lacks me not only vocabulary of the daily life as it also lacks me the cultural differences notion on what here is common sense and there (wherever) maybe impolite, or cause some kind of embarrassment. And, differently of some people I was believing in debate, not imposition of ideas.

In middle of all this I had two choices: trying to transform these criticisms into something intellectually productive or censor these people and keep creating BIOSes. Well, except for those who could not keep a minimum mark of education, I always did think that the first option was by far more concomitant with my objective while making these data modifications then the second.

Some disagree, I respect that, and I did listen.

thats why the RELEASED beta modifications were copyleft/public, While alphas were in NDA due to not only avoiding patch-backs prior the right time (10.6.6 printed DVDs, mac appstore frameworks getting final, and AppleHDA2.0 for instance) but because most of these files were created just to see what reaction a certain memory address change or main module and its extensions editions could or not cause, not to count the private alphas that were created with boot-time memory address modifications just to test how it would affect a particular off-board hardware combination, or a board grouping possibility. In other words, they were not safe enough for release for ANY machines, but only to those for who the files were being created. By the way, over again sorry for the problems of loss of data that some tests made, and thanks for not alarming people, keeping the NDA responsibility, as you did (you both know who you are).

CLOSED – Not Finished?


As I came to the point where I was always trying to do more then I could (and if writing a “tuto” was for me easier, including legally,  I would have done, as I did some screen-sharing iChat classes to those who had doubts), it came to a point where attending to a porting demand was taking me more time and brain-juice then getting real feedback, even with so much help from everyone of you, would forward my researches.

I don’t know how much time do you think that it takes to create a single BIOS mod – even worse when it comes to award 6.00PG/347, but I can say that cutting, decompiling, modifying, recompiling, rearranging offsets and overall modifying hexes without a source code is very consuming. As so don’t think that I did “took ‘my’ (AWARD’s!) ball” only because I could not handle anymore…, it was just the cherry over this cake.

Or I would keep here giving feedback to what is not even finished and seeing this project (this project is not and has never been a ‘empty’ BIOS mod, is a manifestation of ideas with the objective of proofing to the right persons that the Mac OS X is not incompatible by nature with PCs, but by active restrictions so you can only buy a machine with the same brand of the OS for it to run, what is illegal to do where I live) – go down the hill by the pressure of small business representatives who were gaining from my free work (and i don’t know yet if I really care about that, as the mods were ‘copyleft’ and easily decompilable, I will not fall in the same error I criticize) and people who could not understand that I was not fighting for a better hackintosh today but for a exposure of how OS X is NOT incompatible with PCs by technical reasons (It is not even incompatible with normal BIOSes as many thinks), but by corporative choices and lock-downs; with the final objective of making the law value with the project as example and argument and – in that way – making we never need to create a hackintosh again… Repeating myself to each reactionary guy who believes in the myth that we are still living in a classic capitalist world and trying to explain to a History graduand what his very own (and very manipulated) definition of capitalism is, keeping an endless discussion with people who did not had basis to such on how I should or not do my own initiative….

…Or I could keep the contact with the right persons that can really help in time for achieving the objective (which now has to include a way to assure that the finished work will reach only the final residential users instead of being abused by small copyrighters wishing to use this in the same cycle that this was trying to destroy).

I did the first choice as much as I could. I kept it “legal” (Portuguese synonym to “cool” slang) as much as I could.

But be sure that when this is ready (by ready i mean something without the need of an smc or decrypter kext and a included bootloader) it will appear.

That is what I mean with closed. It is not abandoned at all.

Firstly because the idea is itself free and alive – If not accomplished by me it will be by “others”.

Free Will

Yes I am doing that on my will. About how “free” this will is being, it’s another history. When you somehow NEED to do an unpredicted move as it seems to be  the only way to achieve your final goal, and you have the choice to do it, that doesn’t mean this choice is totally free.

If I want open information and somehow i feel compelled to close my own information, thats not too free.

Yes I could predict that some people would try to sell hardware with, or to host in self benefit these files (be it any kind of benefit, these people are searching the wrong gold pot – you will not get rich with bios mods hosting, you will not even pay the bandwidth of your server with it), and as Mic.b asked, i did overlooked this situation as a sacrifice to get the final objective.

This changed in the day i noticed that there was more abuse then use of these files.

By abuse I mean people getting self benefit – other then installing OSX into their own machines -, be it by selling machines, or by hosting the files in 3rd (4rth?) party interests. Picking a ‘copyleft’ ideal, ripping its only essence off, and reposting it in copyrighted machines or sites (and the fault is not from the sites in most times).

In other words the abuse was to recreate in other interest what was done with a clear direct interest.

And this abuse is not only done over me, but many supporters of this project.


The Hack Sellers

The day that controversial hack sellers appeared some of the old guys did laugh a lot, as most of these new business had the same attitude as Psystar or EFI-X: picking what was communally constructed and making of this a small business. I was also accused of the same when I inserted other people’s findings together with my own inside the bioses, until some of the critics understand (or get tired of trying making me understand their point, I don’t know) that I was winning nothing with all this, in contrary, just loosing (time, energy, etc) to keep up what is obviously against the Tide. Manually inserting fixes inside the ROMs in a organized way was a broad test with some good results, nothing more.

I for myself had no closed opinion on hack sellers and hotlinkers: when we do something openly we know that this is one of the ends it can have, correct?

My opinion on these sites and sellers started to exist when I started to see the kind of attitudes taken by most of them (not all). I will not dirt my blog with examples, but I can say that most of these persons are not only very impolite as lack any sense of respect for people’s work and decisions. And they are many.

A guy from the German Pirate Party asked me once why I did not publish em and “let the angry Spam be”. I won’t fight (Gurdjieff’s definition) “small tyrants”.

They usually starts by offering me “help” (by help they usually mean no work force or ideas on how to get the project objective done, but ‘hot contacts’ or [self advertised] webspace, as if I had not too much of it – looks like what is one man problem is other man objective for life), when gently denied, they start to ask people for their files, and when they notice it also does not works, well, they have my e-mail and/or this site address so they can personally cuss me twice a day, creating fake profiles on other forums “trowing stones at Geni” because they disagree. In the end this only serves to GB Inc, AW/PH Inc, etc, to keep ignoring the osx86 needs (besides of the hooks left in EX58-UD5/F13q) and more then all: to A. Inc to patch-back future development.

If I had to publish these people barbarism words, I would do it to a court, not “chez moi”. Where I tried to keep a uppermost  sense of courtesy.

Now, while I write,  other persons tries to advertise a google repository from mine and other people’s work in order to get profit from self advertising their own business (at the same time that gives I.M. moderators the job of having to delete comments from such fake profiles cussing me at threads I opened there, accusing me from insanity to immorality in public square), subverting the creators of the works  needs – like lnx2mac who asks for no re-hostings of his file as the only thing in return to his work, and many others – so these persons would not get anything from their work, instead it would all go to persons which keeps trolling this blog (i am not talking about people disagreeing with points of view, I am talking about personal moral disrespect by bad words) trying by any means get advertising profit from my (“come with me, come Geni!”) work while taking no responsibility or feed-backing nor even testing if the files have real integrity before letting em there (if the BIOS bootblock is bricked, no chapter 12 can save your bios, Gigabyte Inc will not RMA it either if they find that bios modification was the cause of the problem). Messing with bios is not like distributing a kext: you can put a house in fire because of a wrong voltage causing not only material, but also HUMAN losses, Award using this argument when they were still a sole company (not bought by Phoenix) used this argument to the point of creating laws forbidding bios mods in some States of the US for example.

What to do with the actual files?

Firstly keep em safe so they can not hurt further development of OSX freeing solutions. “Things are getting darker for us with Lion joining the ‘thundercats’.” The files will get no more support as I will now focus back on the harder objectives, but I guess that what is done is done… if they get public enough, the fruit will be able to lock out some of the latest findings for future development. If this keeps underground enough, then a jailbreakme-like solution will appear soon or later. Not here, not with my name.


My Overview:


This was going to be the video for X58/0.8e release already…

I always did remember this music when I saw so much mess and misunderstanding over this project ideas and releases.
I could expect many things since “The Novelty” became “The News”, but the strange frenzy that appeared here (and elsewhere) was something I could not handle: old times guys criticizing and then contributing, and then again criticizing, then debating normally, then cussing me again… Well, some of you had the misfortune of watching that.

I could not expect that to get personal as it got, nor could i expect how low profile some persons would behave.

But overall, besides of making repetitive accusations and defamations, these persons were minority, and I have to say that this was a rich experience for me. This was about to be closed “any time soon” anyway, as the final release would most cause problems then the objective if released under the same way.

Final words:

I had to stop here and strip off many parts of this post over the past days (yes it was almost 3x the size it has now), and I don’t really think that I said anything here that was not said before, be it on the forums, the posts, the comments… as so I will stop it here so I can continue blogging normally (many news on 10.6.6 new restrictions, wikileaks app banned from appstore, Cydia coming to mac, wikileaks response against brazilian president – very truthful by the way – and so on…).

As so, to be clear, i will let some final “items” based on what I wrote:

  • I have nothing against Apple, or Microsoft, Google, or the US, or anyone else, what I have is a ideology, and as so anything concomitant with it will be here, anything going directly against it will here be commented, as it has been over one year.
  • Although, I do have a lot against Corporatism as an Institution/Structure, and the methods seen in many I.T. corporations are against my opinion and as so, here posted.
  • I have no political affiliation nor follow any political ideology inside or outside my Country: My activism is social, not politic, and over Information Technology and History as they are my work field.
  • This is a blog and not a file farm.
  • The blog & project will continue up to it’s final objective, which is linking society to technology – a link that I am not creating, but exposing, as it exists in any historical analysis, being a Structure under Annales de France Historiography (the actual one, since the 50′s, mainly adopted in mostly Europe and Latin America since the 80′s).
  • Do not come here waiting for a BIOS, they will not be here.
  • Please, independent of understanding or not and agreeing or not with any point here presented, give some respect to the time I have spent on this, and to my choice to stop.
  • Also please respect all the time i spent hexing 35 motherboards for testing purposes and do not create a unified repository for them: if they were safe, they would be here.
  • Also, for the persons contacting me with these kind of ideas: do not upload damaging files to the sites that are not respecting our choice and needs: they are just mislead, don’t search for a “bad guy” to blame, nor become one doing so!
  • Flashing your BIOS with someone else file DO IS REALLY a VERY risky operation, and the actual p43/45 series DO compromise your machine USB in long term (by over-voltage on the usb at boot time and after un-mounts). It is your choice to keep it or not, I have nothing more to do with it.
  • The downloads in the downloads section were maintained in respect to their authors, and to actual users of the pre releases of this project, they will continue there, and are not supposed to be replicated elsewhere. Do not replicate them without the express permission of the authors. Note that some do ask for the link to their sites, and it is a matter of minimal education keeping so.
  • I actually recommend users to use DSDT replacement with the newest chameleons, which are giving very faster and open results.
  • I was not nor am being threated by anyone but people who had the strange habit of trolling over the Internet as if they were anonymous coming to hacker’s site and not being personally identified.
  • Do not create a “subject” over me: I am a person, like you, and I don’t want to be be a subject remembered (or lately blamed) for what I might have wrongly done. The files are Award Inc. -  a Phoenix’s company – copyright, the modifications over it were made in Brazil and subject to brazilian legislation, while in other estates it could be even considered a crime. – Again I am not judging, I am informing.
  • This blog is not stopping. Nor is this project. But now this blog is “jailbroken” from the project. It will not be a subject here, if you are searching for updates on it, they will not be here. Also do not disseminate any files with this site names if you really care about me, my work, and the future that it can have.
  • If you don’t feel that this is your place, you are free to go elsewhere, just please note that I am a physical person and deserve respect as any other.
  • Bad words, direct or indirect bullying (not talking about criticism, but disrespect), and any other kind of personal cuss were not and will not be accepted here. As the blog is getting this constantly and filters are not picking it, I will have to leave it moderated until these persons calm down. Also note that if you got picked by the filter it will instantly block your ip range and it will be directly deleted instead of going to moderation. I personally think this awfull, but worse would be having people cussing me in public square.
  • For all users who did accompanied all this, my real thanks – it was a great experience overall and it will become the butterfly we wanted.
  • For all the others who are just waiting for files, please, let it be: “404 – Geni Not Found”



    Wow nice read!! I approve all you are doing Cartri! But I hope some day you come with a solution to free osx!

    Thanks for everything man!!

  • NO says:

    That’s my cartri. If you was a woman and looked like jeniffer lopez I would ask to marry me.
    Nicely spoken Cartri.
    Now I (at least try) to understand every word.

  • somepeople says:

    Toda e qualquer ação é política…
    ativismo social? oi? Aquele que diz que é apolítico está fazendo política…
    um ativista então… nem se fale…

    • Cartri says:

      Bem discutida questão na faculdade, e realmente tema de reflexão interna.
      Acaba se tornando uma questão de definições, e neste caso cada um tem a sua.
      Quanto a ativismo, poderia chamar de “cyberativismo” ou qualquer coisa do gênero, não creio que forçar uma lei a se aplicar por preocupação com seu ramo de trabalho seja lá “política”não estou me nem ajudando ninguém a se eleger. Caso se refira ao vídeo de alguns posts atrás, se fosse o governador de Minas prestando solidariedade ao wikileaks, estaria ali da mesma forma. Essa questão não tem lados a meu ver, como disse o Assange logo que saiu da cadeia: o homem só estava dizendo aquilo porque está deixando a presidência, é uma posição confortável para tal. Nesse caso também é interessante notar que ele diz que “não sabe se seus embaixadores fazem este tipo de coisa” apontando pro Jobim, que foi wikileaked, e embora esteja todo mundo tentando encobrir há uma grande campanha sobre isso, ele até ri…
      Mas valeu lembrar, realmente é algo a se pensar. de qualquer maneira está agora terminado. :)

  • BetaHal says:

    This is the first time that I listen to this sad version of Pirate Jenny by Chico Buarque. Great song, Cartri, but I liked much better the attitude of Jenny in the original Threepenny Opera:


    I’m not particullarly pleased by the violent part of the song, just can’t help but liking how (Nina) Jenny’s character rebels against the abuses that the townspeople inflict on her. Both songs are great music, though!

    Anyway, I hope that you’re feeling a bit relieved after such a long post. It must have been hard to write it down. Take good care of you and your ideals, mate, without them we are nothing…

  • Jon says:

    Cartri – Thank you for all your work and all your fresh ideas!

    I’ve now got a EP45-UD3R running the latest Mac OSX perfectly thanks to your work!

    I am just one individual but I want to say THANK YOU!

    I respect your views and opinions and hope that you have a long, happy and fruitful life sir.

    I will be checking back here for further updates on your experiences and views.


  • somepeople says:

    Meu caro, Cartri!
    Apenas achei seu comentário de ativismo social e não político um tanto ingênuo da sua parte. Não se trata aqui de fazer algum POLÍTICO se eleger porque político é o que menos faz política; político faz é falcatrua, e aqui, neste caso, cabe generalização. Ocorre que a sua atitude de “terminar” ou “fechar” o projeto também é uma atitude política… ;-) desculpa aí, companheiro…

    • Cartri says:

      Risos, companheiro também já virou uma gíria política em nosso país né?
      Fechar (diferente de terminar, como expliquei acima) o projeto realmente pode ter sido uma ação preventiva contra questões políticas, mas tomada por mim: se discordarmos de uma determinada atitude, não é agindo por conta própria que vamos modificá-la, quando se tratam de questões legais- ainda mais como estava sendo feito, o que se não é ilegal em nosso país pelas modificações em si, pode ser por incitar pessoas em outros paises a o fazer onde isso é contra a lei deles – atitude que jamais propús, mas foi usada.
      Obrigado por suas opiniões, são tema de reflexão diária sobre o projeto.

  • somepeople says:

    Pois é, mas nem falei “companheiro” no sentido político… só social ;-)

  • somepeople says:

    O medo da perda da Liberdade por estar “estimulando” estrangeiros a cometer atos ilegais em seus respectivos Países é uma razão bem justificável para “fechar” o projeto; no entanto, gostaria que me explicasse então a escolha da música “Geni e o Zepelim” para o início deste post. Pq não entendi

    • Cartri says:

      Quem sou eu pra forçar uma ou outra interpretação de músicas… Pús as duas músicas brasileiras pois ambas se associam com a história deste projeto desde o início, sua recepção, má compreensão de objetivos e abuso.

  • somepeople says:

    Quando vc fala do tipo de “ajuda” que te oferecem e no que realmente poderia ser ajuda pra vc, não creio que bastem ideias de como atingir o objetivo do projeto mas sim força de trabalho qual seja encontrar um Homem que seja gênio em informática Mac e Bios e fale inglês… meio difícil este tipo de mão de obra aqui no Brasil… vc é seletivo, hein, meu amigo ;-)

  • somepeople says:

    Falar francês também ajuda um pouquinho… e gostar de MPB (brasileira) e de notícias políticas também. Entender de literatura e semiótica também. Educação de primeira a que tem que ter recebido esta Mão de Obra hein? Educação cultural também !!!

  • somepeople says:

    Em suma, a mão de obra deve ser composta de um Homem culto, inteligente e eficaz na tecnicidade, além de sensível para os problemas de ordem mundial

  • andrew prasad says:

    Many thanks for giving to me and many others the cartri
    BIOS and the adventure of running a mac. Many will be sad for a
    while but like a child with a new toy, they will get over it. Good
    luck with all your future projects. andrew

  • pr0ton says:

    •Flashing your BIOS with someone else file DO
    IS REALLY a VERY risky operation, and the actual p43/45 series DO
    compromise your machine USB in long term (by over-voltage on the
    usb at boot time and after un-mounts). It is your choice to keep it
    or not, I have nothing more to do with it.
    Is this
    happening with DSDT too?

    • Cartri says:

      Depends on the DSDT. The problem is that dynamic bits which
      are written according to each situation of the USB were set with a
      static (always max) value. That is the reason why you can charge an
      iPad directly independent of the power state, but is also the
      reason why some peripherals were locking the system at boot time.
      If you use only DSDT with the stock bios, it will depend on what
      fixes this dsdt is using for the USB, but at least at boot time and
      other OSs the problem will not happen: it is like if when you
      unmount a attached device (in any OS) it not reduce correctly the
      voltage. In most cases it does not cause problems if no data is
      being transfered in any direction, but when you unplug you may have
      troubles. My old iPhone 2g stopped working after a sync, and other
      users were reporting problems – this is a yet to solve known bug,
      caused by excessive locked bits affirmations on the acpi

  • pr0ton says:

    Read your reply multiple times, and I think I get the bottom line of it.

    If there is a reason to worry, then I should only worry about the devices attatched to the motherboard and not the motherboard itself?

    Thanks to the project, your BIOS’es made it easy to run Mac, maybe too easy :P .

  • david says:

    so your saying if we are using your bios we could be over volting our USB devices?

    • Cartri says:

      yes, at boot time and at detach devices.
      It depends on the stock bios used also, some override acpi through a different extension module.
      This problem also happens with DSDT replacements on OSX that uses the same hacks.
      I just did shot every-side at the time rushing for 0.8 completion, in fact we are using 3 different usb hacks when only one should be used, some bits were forced (imagine a On/OFF switch always on). This is marked for further review. It is not over-volt em at use, but at boot, and detach. It is a known bug marked for further versions, but not right now the focus of my studies, since its on video and audio that A. is starting to check too much (as it is the interest of Pixar and iTunes Store/Appstore/DRM) so that is being my my actual researches and findings.

  • tim smy says:

    So not to confuse other people looking for a cartri bios might be worth deleting the youtube vids?

    • Cartri says:

      I did never make a youtube video about the bios itself, only videoclips of music for this blog: any other (talking about the bios itself) is from elsewhere and has no link with this. If you did create any, yes, it might be worth deleting them.

  • MaaseyRacer says:

    I am sad to see this project end, I have had a ton of fun tinkering and learned much from this site and this BIOS. Too bad my EP45-DS3R bugs were never fixed, but I understand that you have to do what you have to do.

    Thanks again for making your resources available to us. I am now dreading updating my hardware in a year or two.


  • TIM.SMY says:

    I wonder how many will notice the voltage on boot and the damage caused could this be related to the fact that you are have had a breakdown , and you are now recovering and need to rest, as yoiu many days weeks and months without sleep , excercise and proper diet . Is this this part of a life that you want? I think not
    Enjoy and be free of this project at lest until you regained your healthy jolly self


    • Cartri says:

      It is purely informative. I for myself don’t care that much about usb (well i did on the iphone2G but that was in time ahn, hehe). About my health, thanks for your preoccupation (and wrong diagnosis) but it is very fine :) – My self will not be a subject, the giant text explains all for itself.

      • lord anubis says:

        The over Voltage value, is it the power voltage or the data voltage?
        In case of the power lines, in what of ‘over’ size should I think? Does the voltage goes to more then 5,25V?
        What about putting a USB-hub, because of their own power management, could those keep them in line?

        I start thinking of using a regulator or zener diode voltage of 5V ( 5W ), at least for the important usb devices. Because I notice some things, and did want to do some voltage loggin.

        I still being sad about the whole situation. Anyway, I am, and I am sure I can write , ‘we’ are, interested in a kind of technical review of your actions in the Bios Development.

  • rodger ellis says:

    Well at least APPLE will be pleased that you have taken
    away your download list of CARTRI bios. Just think of the number of
    people that have used your BIOS yes I agree its there thinking that
    it will work and I can say that it does. happy new year rodger ps:
    do you feel some guilt that you went to a school that you have
    rejected and do you see a shrink? I tell you it was a grest help to

  • sunkid says:

    Late to the party here, but wanted to add my words of sincere thanks for your efforts! It’s too bad that you had to make the decision to close the project.

    I will return here frequently because I enjoy reading about your point of view. While I don’t share all of your sentiments, I do learn a lot every time.

    Any word of advice as to building a stable box for the Sandy Bridge processors?

    • Cartri says:

      Thats the idea: awareness not consensus. ;-)
      About the project, we must wait lion, there is people already working on some modules, and when 2.5TB/3TB hds reach the market awd 6.00PG 347 will need a better done module, that award themselves shall make (and it can be easily imported). About sandy bridge we are talking about embedded chipsets, it becomes harder, my work is over the ich. Also, Lion probably will come in a harder to break locked usb, so we have a lot to see yet.
      In background, all I can say is that graphics is better, SSDT dynamic injections are being done, and better memory maps too.
      we have spent a long time emulating the South bridge SMBus, people should be looking at the north bridge smbus.
      just another tip to the dear hackreaders from “iLike” world.

      • sunkid says:

        After doing some more research, I have actually settled on the i7-920 route rather than being at the (much too bloody) bleeding edge on this one. Seems like there is quite a bit of success both with the GA boards as well as the Intel DX58SO.

        Gotta say though, I’ll miss the ease of working with your BIOS!

  • Wing says:

    Hi Cartri,

    I don’t really want to post on the wall/replying to the post rather then contacting you. :) (since there is no contact directly to you, which makes sense after reading some posts :) )
    Just to thank for the thoughts that I have recieved in the past few hours by reading your blog. I was in the middle of searching for a solution for my own private home server when a friend of mine gave me a hint to your work for mac bioses for GA boards.
    I started to dig on your blog and the ideas I’ve found were/and still are a gift for me. I want to bild my own server for things like, sharing, chatting, blogging because I don’t really like the facebook-like things, that they operate the site just for free to make information flow more free… which sound great but is just a mask for the public (IMHO)… Or maybe I’m just too negative on this topic.. :)
    At this point I will stop because I don’t know if you will respond to this “mail”/message and I don’t want to spoil or lick anyone’s feet (and since english is not my mother tongue I can’t express myself absolute perfectly in this language)
    Basically I want to get in touch with you maybe just to exchange thoughts, maybe (if I can) help you (I don’t know at the moment how, and whit what…) or maybe just because I love the fact that there are people out there too who have their own values…
    Please don’t post this message here. Just write a hi or anything back…


  • Corey Scott says:

    I know you are not doing the bios anymore but I must say I missed out on this one. I saw this long ago but was waiting to till I purchased a new motherboard to decide what I wanted to download. I also believe that the motherboard I was looking at was in Alpha mode.

    I’m currently taking a class on Objective-C programming and would like to help out if possible. I was looking for a motherboard that your bios supported with the most vanilla chipset and north and south bridge. I had decided on the GA-X58-UDR3 but came to check the bios status and was very disappointed.

    I was wondering if you can e-mail me a recommendation for a motherboard and the bios to go with it or at least point me to a killer dsdt.

    I’m looking for a Gigabyte mobo that supports i7 930 or similar, 8GB of DDR3 triple channel.

    I plan on pairing it with a small SSD 6GB/s for the OS. I would also like native wifi but I don’t know the status on this.

    Before now I’ve been AMD all the way and it’s been a pain. I want to take the easy road this time. I’m also looking for the best way to get graphics out the box.

    Also should I wait for SandyBridge or will that be another set of issues?

    I need to build my machine in the next couple of weeks.

    • Cartri says:

      I should respond with the title of this arcticle.

      But noting that you probably did not read or understood my point, up to the point of making such comment;
      let me see if I can help your technical self personal and temporary problem since you don’t seem to be interested in modifying what generates it and is going to generate again in the future until be changed somehow, but instead, just solve your own situation for your self right now…

      Take a look at the latest “multibeast” or another chameleon rc5 installer and download d00d’s good dsdt.aml following his recommendations at insanely mac.
      I hope I helped, and that the text was clear enough in exposing that I would not deal with the project’s subjects publicly again since it’s objective is not making you run an OS against it’s EULA but to change the terms of it – based on the principle of it’s possible unconstitutionality – so that you pay a fair price, buying your own computer and your OS and installing it as 2 separate products as says the law in mine and other Countries.

  • sunkid says:

    Hey Cartri, I hope all is well :)

    I am still running your BIOS and am very happy with it. Alas, lately, I have been getting a lot of crashes with minecraft that seem to be NVIDIA driver related. Any advice?

    • Cartri says:

      Hi sunkid, I remember you, I’m fine, and you? :-)
      Unfortunately i have nothing in special to help your case, in the released versions of Mac Edition Bios betas, there has never been a change in the graphical initialization part… Maybe it is something really driver related…
      Sorry for having no much help on this subject…

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Cartri,

    so bad that i am to late for this party… seen your BIOS-\Patches\ yet, trying this with my EP43-DS3L. First of all, i have to say i am impressed and also did´nt understand why the best OS is not available for all Platforms… anyway, i respect your way you stop this development, but i have also to say, and it´s only my opinion, you put to much work in this project, because there are Mobo´s out there which are a good working platform for OSX, except the BIOS of course. These are the GA-Boards. should enaugh for guys/nerds who want to run OSX on PC-Compatible Boards. Like i said, my opinion.

    For people like you, with so much effort on BIOS-Reengineering, i´ll give all my respect. Well, my Hack runs without boot.plist, dsdt and any additional kext´s (except FakeSMC of course). Wonder that my GFX runs like a charm without EFI-String (used in the last 3 Years). Just now… only find a solution to get Audio (888) to run in my Lion. That´s it is.

    To get it working like yet i have to thank you… In this way many regards to you and cheers, of course…


  • outdoor lighting manufacturers says:

    My neighbor and I had been just debating this particular topic, he’s usually searching for to prove me incorrect. Your view on that is great and exactly how I truly feel. I simply now mailed him this website online to show him your own view. After wanting over your website I ebook marked and can be coming again to read your new posts!

  • Darren says:

    Hi Cartri,

    Well, I can only say “go do your thing” And when your “closed” project is finished, I will one of the first to try it out.
    Patience is a virtue, and Rome wasn´t built in a day.

    I tip my hat to your revolutionary work.
    Its people like you that keep IT interesting. thx for that.

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