200+ years of American Patent Law Dumped Today. New Bill in Favor of Large Companies Approved.

Posted by Cartri on Sep 17, 2011 in Copyright, DRM, IT Workers Rights

Today, U.S. President signed the America Invents Act into law, formally bringing an end to more than two centuries of American patent law. Once the law takes effect, the “first to invent” standard previously used to determine patent ownership – roughly put, the person who can demonstrate by combination of conception and attempt to put [...]


MTV Brazil: Internet Privacy (13min TV Show on the subject – Subtitled in English)

Posted by Cartri on Sep 11, 2011 in Fast News / ReTweets, Privacy

Hi, I just watched this on TV, a still light tv-show about internet, but is very concomitant with the blog’s subject of internet privacy. I recommend watching in full screen (The video is in 2 “about 6min” blocks, the second will load automatically in fullscreen ) Wanted to share with you, nice watch, feel free [...]


Official Statement from Parallels about Chameleon: Sources will be provided.

Posted by Cartri on Sep 6, 2011 in Fast News / ReTweets

Hello; Earlier this month I posted about Parallels Desktop 7 use of Chameleon, after that, the Blog has been contacted by a Parallels’ representative. I became happy to notice a company showing care like they did; Parallels said that they use Chameleon RC2 which – according to the statement – was released under APSL, and [...]


EFF: Governments’ Internet Surveillance Built in the West

Posted by Cartri on Sep 3, 2011 in Fast News / ReTweets

What has long been an EFF issue is once again making headlines. In recent days, the world is seeing damning reports of authoritarian regimes spying on their citizens using American- and European-made surveillance technologies, with new evidence emerging from Bahrain, Libya, Syria, and Thailand. Last week, Bloomberg reported on Bahrain’s use of Nokia-Siemens surveillance software to [...]


Parallels 7 Sells Chameleon To Run Mac OS X!

Posted by Cartri on Sep 1, 2011 in Copyright, DRM, Fast News / ReTweets, Ideology

Today, September 1th, Netkas – The hacker behind the SMC Emulator that allows normal people to run Mac OS X encrypted parts in non-Apple systems – denounced the unaware use of Chameleon (Which is under General Public License) in the new version of Parallels Desktop. According to Netkas, the software is opensource and should not [...]